Northern Beaches

  • Carova Beach - Staying here means four-wheel drive or taking a boat, as there are not paved roads to get you here. Talk about remote!
  • Corolla - Come check out the horses, swamp and marsh in this naturelover's fantasy.
  • Duck - The youngest, and perhaps trendiest, village on the Outer Bank. Complete with a Boardwalk! Oddly enough, though, for a beach town, there's no publich beach access in Duck, so check to make sure your property has some kind of beach access!
  • Southern Shores
  • Kitty Hawk - Known for the "First Flight," Kitty Hawk mostly features smaller cottages.
  • Kill Devil Hills - The largest town in the Outer Banks - but still only a population of about 7,000.
  • Nags Head

Roanoke Island

Sitting at the southern end of the Albemarle Sound, Roanoke Island has no Oceanfront - just quaint fishing towns to enjoy.

Hatteras Island

Known for an even more laid-back attitude, Hatteras Island presents visitors with seclusion and quiet. Be prepared to have large swaths of beach to yourself.

  • Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo - Part of the Chicamacomico settlement, until they were split in the late 1800s into individual locales.
  • Avon - The largest town on Hatteras Island.
  • Buxton - Home of the Hatteras Lighthouse.
  • Frisco - A tiny community between Buxton and Hatteras.
  • Hatteras - The quaint village at the end of the island, and landing point for the ferry to Ocracoke Island.

Ocracoke Island

Accessible only by ferry, this remote island still shows its fishing roots, and is quiet spot for vacationers. It's not always been so peaceful, however, as it was a popular anchorage for pirates throughout its early settlement, including a regular stop for Blackbeard.