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And, we’re up!

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Finally, things have settled down, and we’re up and running. It’s very exciting. Last weekend, something like 200 people came and visited the site. Mostly searching for houses, and hundreds of houses were viewed. This is what we were hoping for! I hope someone found the perfect beach house this weekend searching on our site. Consider registering with us, so you can save your searches for the future. Also, we’re considering including a way to share or link to a specific search – not a specific property, but the entire search. If there’s interest, please comment!

For the most part, things seemed to work pretty smoothly, but there were certainly a couple glitches, but we’ve gotten most of it ironed out at this point. If you’ve had any problems, please feel free to email us:

In the mean time, we’re hoping to beef up our static content with more interesting things to do and see at the Outer Banks, and create a section that allows you to invite others to participate in the planning process – that’s still a work in progress, though.

Otherwise – thanks for everyone’s support!

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