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If you already know where you want to stay, when you want to go, and what you want to do, then feel free to proceed right to Search. Otherwise, consider the following questions.

Some questions to consider when planning a trip to the Outer Banks:

Where To Stay

Town: Each town of the Outer Banks offers a little different flavor and taste of the OBX experience.

Location: Do you want to sit right on the beach, in an Oceanfront house? Or would you prefer to be able to put your kayak into the sound right from your house? Or maybe you're looking for that "beach town" feel of an Oceanside bungalow. /p>

When To Come

Season: The Outer Banks peak season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and why not? The water is warm, the sun is out, and everything is in full swing. There are deals to be had over Memorial Day, as it's considered a shoulder week (a week on the edge of the peak season), but the water may still be cold, as the Gulf Stream hasn't pumped the warm water up to the barrier islands, yet. The crowds are lighter in the Fall, but the water is still warm into early October. For a real treat, go in early Winter and enjoy some real peace and solitude - and some real deals!

Turn Day: Most properties turn over on Saturdays, so a Saturday turn day offers the best selection. Unfortunately, this leads to heavy traffic getting to the islands. Consider a Sunday turn day for lighter traffic and an extra day to pack! A few properties even offer Friday check-in, which might allow you to just make a long weekend out of a weekly rental, AND avoid all the other traffic getting on and off the island.

What's Your Budget

How much? Getting a house on the Outer Banks is not necessarily cheap, but keep in mind you're usually getting an entire house - not a hotel room. Even condos have many amenities that a hotel will not have - like a full kitchen, typically. You can save a lot of money by planning to eat meals at the house, and just enjoying the free beach access. Of course, if you want to do hang-gliding and some open ocean fishing, it's going to cost a bit more.

Who's going?: Will it just be you and your significant other? How about a guys weekend fishing? Or a girls weekend sunning on the beach? Or just a huge group of friends? Or a family reunion? Or how about a wedding?

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