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Privacy Policy

Privacy and Security Policy

We promise that we take your personal privacy and security concerns seriously. We understand that using our service is a choice on the consumer, and we value the trust our consumers have placed in us. To that end, we hope want to let consumers know that we're using the data they share with us responsibly and transparently.

Your information, like your email address, phone number, and address help us focus our efforts internally on building search tools that put you in touch with services to enhance your OBX vacation experience. From identifying the closest beach access to the house you're renting, to providing you with discounts at the local ice cream shop, to letting you know where to stop along the way from your home to the beach – we're focused on making your entire vacation enjoyable and fulfilling.

With that, we don't sell your information to anyone. If you opt-in to our newsletter or advertising campaigns, know that we either manage your information internally to provide you those services, or we work to identify downstream third-parties that provide communication management services to communicate with you – we don't give your personal information to our advertisers for a buck.

With that in mind, we do use your aggregated information to help promote services to advertisers. It's handy to know how many of our consumers come from Ohio. Or how many consumers plan car pool down from one area vice coming as individuals from several different regions to meet up at their OBX vacation home. It allows us to produce better tools for our consumers to enhance their entire experience – which is what we're all about.  Likewise, we track what kinds of users come to the site through remarketing techniques (like Google AdWords) - general age, demographic interests, geographic region, etc, so we can keep our eyes focused on serving the people that want our product (a great Outer Banks vacation), and avoid focusing on the computer hacker in Lithuania. 

Ultimately, we're here to help connect people that want to make the most of their OBX Vacation with products and services that will do just that. Mistreating the trust of our consumers is not a part of that plan for us.

If you have any questions about our specific policies, please feel free to email us with questions. We're real people, too, and we care about your experience – on your vacation and on our website. Reach out to us at any time.




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