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Where to Stay

Where to Stay

Where to stay can have a big impact on what you get out our your OBX vacation. Are you looking to be right on the Beach? Or are you looking for something a little more affordable on the Soundside? Are you looking to stay someplace with lots to do, besides the surf? Like Nags Head? Or are you interested in getting away from everything, and staying close to nature - someplace like Carova Beach, perhaps?

It's not necessarily an easy question to answer.

First, when considering where to stay, you should consider what you want out of your vacation, and how much you're looking to spend. These two factors, more than most others, will help you figure out what will be the "right" vacation for you.

Check out our Starter Guide to see the difference in the individual towns you might find.

Also, consider how far from the beach you might want to stay, in the interest of convenience vs. cost.


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