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Searching Basics

This page is to quickly get you started on figuring out how to search for a property on the OBX. Specifically, the purpose is to help you figure out how to use the search engine.

Town: Every town has its own unique feel to it. You should consider what kind of "vibe" you're looking for from the town you stay in. Are you looking for a pet-friendly town like Duck? Or maybe you're looking for the solitude of Frisco. Or maybe you're looking for that "beach town" feel that Kitty Hawk provides. Each has something to provide.

Locations: This field refers to placement on the island of the house.

  • Oceanfront - reasonably straight-forward - the property provides direct beach access.
  • Semi-Oceanfront - perhaps the most confusing, perhaps because there doesn't seem to be solid standard for what it means. It typically means that the property is on the ocean side of the beach road, but is not oceanfront. Some companies will say semi-oceanfront if the house is exactly one lot from the beach, even if its on the west side (non ocean side) of the road. Still others will use Semi-oceanfront only when the property is exactly one lot from the beach. Regardless, it's sure to mean you'll be close to the beach at a bargain compared to Oceanfront houses.
  • Oceanside - this is also confusing to many. An Oceanside house is on the ocean side of the main road, but is not Oceanfront or Semi-Oceanfront - which typically means two properties between the property and the ocean. In Nags Head, for example, this means the property is between Rt 158 (four lane highway) and Rt. 12 (the beach road), it is typically called Oceanside. In Avon, however, it may be on the ocean side of the beach road, but be several lots back from the ocean.
  • Soundside - The opposite of an Oceanside property, these cottages are on the sound side of the main road, but not Soundfront.
  • Soundfront - This house resides on the Sound directly. In most cases, this provides direct Sound access, but be sure to check the property details to see if you can actually put your kayak or boat in at the house, or if you need to find a nearby boatlaunch.
  • Golf Course - As you might expect, this house is on a golf course.
  • Ocracoke - It's actually rather difficult to label some of Ocracoke's properties. What do you call it when the property has an unobstructed view to the water across a small road? It's not really Oceanfront, as there's no beach, per se. It's Oceanside, in a way, but not in the traditional way. So we've lumped them all together so you can come up with your own name!


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